New Jersey Jetties Lacrosse
Embrace The Grind




We strive to mentor and develop athletes who love what they do. Our goal is to provide an organized platform through professional instruction as our athletes grow into young men. All coaches and players are held to the highest standard of accountability. Our environment offers a positive experience both on and off the field. Together, we commit to our goal.

This program will be designed and operated by Cedar Grove High School Boys Varsity Head Coach, David Bucchino.  This model gives our players the continuing opportunity to receive professional instruction with their peers. Our goal as leaders is to produce the best lacrosse players in the state.  We are passionate within our culture to develop quality young men. 

"There has to be trust. Trust in the player to trust his coach. The coach has to understand what his player is going through during the ups and the downs of a season. The player has to feel that the coach understands where he is coming from and what he is trying to do."
- Mike Dunham, former NHL goalie and current Goaltending Coach for the New York Islanders, NHL


This model will support our athletes in other areas of life away from the field.  We encourage and believe it is healthy to participate in other sports and hobbies outside of lacrosse.  We are excited to give this experience to our players and grow with them through their journey!